Sneakers Culture

With the increasing demands of people in fashion, footwear industries have been coming with tempting range of shoes styles since many years. Shoes have been evolved much with the change brought by time in the lifestyle of individuals. And among its various types, sneakers (also called athletic shoes) are the one used primarily for sports and physical activities. Certain sneakers used for specific sports are tennis shoes, bowling shoes, basketball shoes and running shoes. With the assorted range of styles, sneakers are often used for everyday wear.



The term sneakers are acquired from a nickname ‘plimsoll’ based on a hypothesis in the book “The Plimsoll Sensation” by Nicholette Jones. After being evolved, they were widely used by sportsmen and vacationers for their comfort in various physical activities. With the course of time, special soles were developed to improve the surface grip of the shoes and which were ordered in a large amount for the British officers for their convenience. The first running shoes was designed and produced by a British company J.W. Foster and Sons in the year 1895. The market for athletic shoes grew rapidly because of the increasing demands of people after the year 1895. By the 20th century, people started to wear sneakers for leisure and outdoor activities. Even some schools made it compulsory for the students to wear sneakers in the uniform code.



Sneaker types of footwear include a flexible sole made out of rubber or any synthetic material to ensure the proper underfoot comfort. With their light weight, the trainers tend to perform better in athletic performances like running, jumping, track and field events. They provide great traction and speed which ultimately allows the athletics to compete better in Olympics. Today manufacturers have designed athletic shoes for the specific purposes meeting the modern expectations of people. The different types of sneakers which are widely used worldwide include high-tops, Low-tops or oxfords, Mid-cut, Sneaker boots, Slip-ons, Low-top CVO, and High-top CVO.


Here is the list of some specialized shoes which are designed for specific purposes:

  1. Bowling shoes – These tend to have harder rubber soles to avoid the damage of bowling alleys.
  2. Golf shoes – The soles are designed with spikes to ensure better grip in the grass terrain.
  3. Hiking shoes – These usually comes with stiff upper and provide good ankle support and traction even on the rough terrain.
  4. Cross trainers – They are designed differently than the usual walking shoes with a thicker and heavier sole to ensure the stiffness for fulfilling a number of physical requirements.
  5. Approach shoes – These are designed for walking long distances and tend to have sticky rubber sole to maintain the traction for rock-climbing or hiking purposes.



Since the year 1970s these are quite popular among the ‘hip hop’ and ‘rock n roll’ cultures. Sneakers have become prominent parts of these cultures today. Today many major brands like Puma, Adidas, Nike sign many hip hop artists in million dollar deals so as to promote their shoes in the market. Sneakers have become a status of fashion for folks in present lifestyle.