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Get the right size and look trendy

Do I need to mention anything after saying the golden goose? Well, the name suggests it all. Golden goose, the biggest daddy of Italian brands of shoes, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The brand has got its biggest fans worldwide all across the globe including the big stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Kanye West and Taylor Swift.


The creative director of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Alessandro Gallo along with his wife Francesca Rinaldo, the co-founder, set up the company in 2000. According to them, they never thought the name itself would be one of the biggest brands when they launched the sneaker line that changed the market position of sneakers in 2007.

The golden goose sneakers are not only stylish but it carries the comfort and looks to an absolutely new different level. If you look at it online closely, you will find that it is not like any other golden goose sneakers. They are actually beyond style, you must say. The actual a beautiful design and a vintage look. In fact, they look much better than converse shoes. As it is a big brand, it provides amazing luxury and of course with a big and fat price tag. But nowadays we see these kinds of sneakers almost everywhere especially in social media such in pin interest, Facebook posts and instagram share and also we get to see in the outfit and fashion statement post from fashion designers.


Trust me once if you try these stuff, it would be difficult for you to control your feelings and excitement over these shoes. If you are an ardent fashion blogger and you love to research on newer and different kinds of trendiness and modern fashion garments, then golden goose sneakers have to be in your bucket list and you will surely fantasize them.


Now how much will it cost? I said earlier golden goose sale deluxe is the father of all brands and you need a good amount of bucks for it. So let me tell you frankly if you are a rich kid, if money doesn’t matter to you, if you got a rich dad and you have all the luxuries and comforts in the world and if you are ready to spend above $600 in shoes, only then golden goose sneakers are the right ones for you.

golden goose sneakers

I could never have spent so much just on a pair of shoes, definitely i would have died to get a pair of those cool sneakers but unfortunately, this is not for all but surely I can see myself wearing them after a couple of years. But recently if you check out some of the collections and price tags of the shoes, you will be glad to see there are discount offers going on and the price was lowered to $300 and $200. I know that’s a lot. Spending 200 bucks on shoes is definitely not a great idea. But you will be amazed to see after the discount, many people are willing to spend big bucks on them.


The shoes are very sporty and comfortable and if you carefully look at the details, it got a star with unique colors of the soles and laces along with a cushioned foot bed and you can wear the laces as lightly as you want. The best thing about it is it is an all-weather shoe. You can wear it anytime and it will last long.