Tips On How To Take Care Of Sneakers

Now that you have bought your favorite Buscemi sneakers, it is only fair that you take care of them properly. Maintaining your sneakers well will give them a longer lifespan and also keep them looking as good as new. All Buscemi sneakers should always have a protective covering as a barrier to prevent stains, water, and dirt from spoiling the upper part of the sneaker.


To protect your Buscemi sneakers there are products available like silicone spray, oil, and wax that can be bought from any local Buscemi shoe sale store and can be used on sneakers made from various types of materials. The following are essential tips on how to take care of Buscemi sneakers.


Cleaning of different types of Buscemi sneakers
Sneakers require cleaning and also upkeep so that they remain in good condition. For most Buscemi sneakers, it is advisable that you not submerge them in water or put them in the washing machine.

Below are tips on how to clean sneakers:
Sneakers made of canvas – these should be hand washed with mild soap and cold water. Air dry them after washing because when you put them in a dryer they are likely to lose shape or even melt. Sneakers made of nylon – these ones rely heavily on prevention for them to last long.


This is done by periodically spraying them with silicone spray to keep stains as well as dirt from clinging to them. If you have to clean them, use a damp cloth to wipe them clean. Sneakers made of leather – clean these ones with special polish or cream which is a color closest to the shoe color or a color that is neutral.


Before applying the cream use a cloth that is soft to remove dust from the leather shoe and if it has any stains use a well-squeezed cloth to scrub them off gently. Make sure the leather is dry before you apply the polish because wet shoes can damage the leather in the long run.


If you want to treat your shoes you can use saddle soap to clean them as it restores the natural oils of the leather. Sneakers made of suede – these are difficult to care for as suede is known to attract stains yet wetting them can also spoil the shoes.

Even though prevention is important, you can clean using a soft brush to brush away the dirt and scrub the stains. If this is done regularly, then the shoe will continue being clean and pleasant to look at.


Stubborn stains can be eliminated by using a stain remover specifically for suede. Moreover, after cleaning the body of the Buscemi sneakers, we should also take care of the soles as well. To clean the sole use a toothbrush with some natural cleaning spray plus a lot of elbow grease to make the soles of your shoes as clean as the sneakers themselves.


Heavy stains such as sports shoes, the shoes can only wet the whole, then with a soft brush which picks up brand Nike sports shoes detergent stains, stains can be removed, another one with water with a dry cloth or strong thick absorbent paper towels printed dry, stable shoes after the dry, and avoid direct sunlight.