Golden Goose Sneakers

Sneakers are shoes worn by men and women mostly to be used when doing physical exercising for sports or fitness. The under surface of golden goose sneakers is made of rubber while the top surface is made of leather. Reasons why golden shoe sneakers are expensive:

High quality

This sneakers are of high quality since the op surface is made of leather which is soft thus comfortable to wear .The shoes have a hidden wedge make someone appear taller thus loved by short people intending to artificially increase their height.


The design used to make this shoes stand out among other sneakers. They have stars, leopard stripes and scuffs. These sneakers have created a strong identity in the market. Since customers buying decision is based on opinions and feelings, goose sneakers have a unique brand and “sell themselves”.


These GGDB sneakers are famous because of their unique brand name. As such they are most preferred by celebrities who wear them on red carpet or on the streets. This made them trend and everybody wanted to wear the golden sneaker worn by their favorite celeb. There so popular and many people want to have them.

Send a wealthy message

Since these shoes are very expensive, not everybody can afford to buy them. Because of this by one wearing these sneakers they are sending a message that they are rich and have all the money in the world to spend on such a costly item. One can even show of by wearing a shoe that others in same community cannot afford making somebody different which is a trait many everyone in the word want to possess.

How to keep white golden goose sneakers clean:

  1. Cover the dirt spots on the sneakers with a nail polish.
  2. Dip a washcloth in vinegar from your stored beverages. Use the damped cloth to remove stains from the sneakers by rubbing softly.
  3. Hand-wash the sneakers and never put them in a washing machine because their soft leather surface will get damaged since machine wash process is rough.
  4. Areas that are difficult to reach, one should use warm water, soap and an old toothbrush that you don’t use and scrub gently until clean.
  5. The laces should be hand washed as well. They should not be put in washing machine. One need only use warm water and soap. After washing the laces they should be exposed to air dry.
  6. A gentle shampoo, warm water, soap, toothbrush and a wash rag should be used to clean oil stains.
  7. The sneakers should be wrapped up with paper towels will absorb the water on them speeding the drying process. They should not be dried on the sun as they will fade quickly.

Golden goose sale sneakers are widely used by people doing physical exercises to maintain body fitness. As such if one has enrolled in Zomba classes this sneakers are the best as they will not only create a good impression but comfortable to train on them.

Other users are those in athletics as they are good to wear while training since they are not heavy and make one be able to run fast. Celebrities also wear them to show that they are in up to date with the latest trending fashion in the industry. These sneakers are the best for someone who wants to maintain a unique identity.

3 rules to best wear your shoes in the summer

Wedges, platform heels, Espadrille wedges, ankle and lace up heels, leather boots name it are the shoes women will be rocking this summer; but it is not that easy to pull off a look and stay comfortable in any of these shoes.

Even sandals, the ones you may think are the easiest to drag around aren’t as easy as you think.

Here is a list of tricks and tips that you can use to wear your summer shoes look classy and not get exhausted.

Do not wear over-sized or very tight sandals

Sandals are summer time favorites. Almost everyone wears them. They give your feet so much comfort as they roll to the beach, treks to the pool and they get you around the house easily. But one thing makes them a threat. Wearing over-sized sandals can make you trip, fall down and lose your teeth or damage any other part of your body. In the same way, if your sandals are too tight on you, your toes will peep out and go ahead of your sandals and slam onto a rock or roadway. Always try on sandals to make sure your feet fit in well before you purchase them.

Have a pair of tennis shoes for driving

As long as its summer, women love to go everywhere with sandals. It is the easiest way to go to the grocery, pick the kids from school, cook a meal and still keep going about your other duties. But have you thought about how dangerous sandals can be when driving with them on? Sandals can unexpectedly slip off the accelerator or brake pedal and force you into hitting something. At least if you still want to wear your sandals as you go about, carry a pair of sneakers in your car for the sole purpose of driving and then change into your beloved sandals after.

Reserve heels for events where you won’t be walking much

We can’t list the wonderful things heels do for our legs. They make them look longer and sexier. They define our outfits and they give us height altogether.

But we must know that our legs are not always going to look tall and sexy. There are several women that are obsessed with wearing heels but we must admit that there is a time for everything and heels are not for everywhere.

If you go with heels to the grocery, office, school etc. and you keep up the routine every day; chances are that your feet and ankles will develop pain and blisters. If you can, reserve your pretty ankle heels, wedges and the rest of your summer heels for weddings and other party events.


Summer is a time to dress up in all kinds of pretty shoes and make on lookers jealous. But you don’t want to damage your feet along the way. Follow the above rules carefully and enjoy your summer to the fullest.